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No Anaesthetic (Charlette and Emily)


Emily giggled as the creature collapsed in her arms. She felt light-headed, and dizzy as she usually did when she had found another play thing. She struggled and huffed with the body, trying to drag her up onto the medical table, her tiny arms bending under her weight, even though she were a lighter person. She let out a sigh as she finally dropped the body onto the table. She reaches for the scissors and tears off her clothing, letting it drop in strips to the floor. She put her dirty furred arms inside the straps and tightened them. She took a moment to marvel at the patterns of scales on the creatures, poking and prodding at them with her bare hands. They were so similar to night stalker scales.

Washing her hands, and pulling on some gloves, Emily started some basic examinations of the creature. Pulling back her eyelids, she noted green lens’, sclera and iris’, with slits for pupils. She noted that weak spots were covered with rows of light scales, and grabbing some tweezers she snapped off a scale. She noticed a small amount of bleeding, but nothing major, it stopped after a second. She took samples of scales from each part of the body, and then a sample of fur. She undertook simple medical examinations, checking heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. She clicked either side of the creatures cat like ears, and watched them flinched, indicating to her that her hearing was fine and functioning.

She knew the barbiturate wouldn’t pass off for a while, and the silence of the room was starting to bore her, so, walking out the room and switching off the light, she let the creature stew there for a few hours.

And hours passed. Emily brought a large bucket of water into the room, shutting and bolting the door behind her again, silently. She keeps quiet, hoping the creature hadn’t heard her, and hoping it was awake so it would be horrifically terrified. Raising the bucket high above her head, she poured the freezing water over the mammal/reptile hybrid, grinning cruelly in the darkness.

Charlette remained unconscious for a long while. She didn’t start coming to until shortly before her captor walked back in. As she began to wake up, she slowly became aware of her situation. It was bad. She was strapped to one of those tables she hated so much. Just like the ones back where she was born, her legs and arms were spread wide so whatever was cutting her up could have easy access wo whichever part of the body they needed. ensuring her body lay flat so no organs could be mistaken for being in the wrong position. But as far as she knew, it was just a torture table. she knew what it meant. Before long, someone would be trying to hurt and kill her.

She also could tell she no longer had her gown. The woman could have just untied it, but she left it torn to shreds at the floor. Her only possession, reduced to ribbons. Charlette began to cry. Her whimpering growing louder as she tried to attract the attention of someone who might be able to help. But nobody came.

With her loud whining, she hadn’t noticed the woman come back with an ice cold bucket of water. Charlette screamed as she felt the sudden freezing liquid wash over her. she tried to break free of her bonds once mor, but found herself unable. “P-please! Let me go!” she screamed, not taking note of the woman. The same one from earlier. Was she the one who planned to hurt her today? “W-why are y-you doing t-this?” she whined.

Like Father, Like Nightstalker [Cicero/Charlette]


Her beaming smile only made it worse to think of. He wasn’t sure what to do… Unless he got a home for the both of them to stay in. But she’d want to come with him wherever he went. And he wasn’t sure if he trusted leaving her alone. He sighed; it was stressing. 

He watched her swim around and come back to him. “No no no baby. Don’t dry it yet.” He smiled putting a type of conditioner into his hands before coating her hair with it and running his fingers through it again. Most of the tangles were gone and whatever he couldn’t get out now, he figured he’d get later with a comb. “Let it sit in your hair for a few minutes. Okay dearie?” He asked happily as he began washing his own hair. After rinsing his hair, he turned to her and smiled. His hair clung to his face. A stark contrast to his pale face. “Okay! You can rinse that out.” He gently pulled her into his arms and began rinsing it out for her to make sure all of it was out.

As he pulled her in close, she nestled up to his chest, placing her paws uo too. she murred as he washed her hair, his fingers running through her head and his warmth comforting her. She never knew what it was like to have someone who cared this much. Once he finished, she wriggled free and swam for shore. She was eager to dry off now, and get back to the road. Now that she had someone to travel with, she wanted to do everything he had planned to do.

She crawled onto the sure, found her gown and picked it up, using it to dry off as well as shaking loose any water particles she could. The gown was soaked by the time she finished, so she put it back and waited for him.  She sat criss cross, her tail flicking about. She was still dripping wet, but she had done everything she could and just planned to let the sun do the rest.

"What were you doing?" she asked him, curiosity kicking in. "When you were walking?" She wanted to know what his plans were. She wanted to know what she’d be doing with him once they left. she had no idea he was on his way to kill someone.

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New Beginnings [Scraps/Persephone] [flashback]


"I didn’t really see anyone. All I heard was a crash, screams, and barking. You were just laying in the wreckage. Most of us were outside and you were out like a busted light. I figured we couldn’t leave you there so we took you with us." Scrap recalled, " Some of us are worried about taking you, are you expecting someone to come after you? we don’t want any trouble."

"Just wait here a jiffy, I’ll go get her." Scrap reassured her. He called out to Medkit and made towards the door. She stepped in before he could make it out the door. She looked around before finally stopping on Persephone. "What’s wrong Scrap?" She asked with a glance before her eyes focused back on Persephone. "Remember when you said the woman we found was fine?" He asked, "She’s not" he quickly retorted in response to his own question. "I can see that now Scrap." She spoke up in Persephone’s direction, "what’s wrong twisted ankle, broken arm?"

Persephone thought about the question for a good while. Her mom and pop were probably worrying about her. But she couldn’t care less. If they knew what happened, they’d never let her out of the bunker again. They’d make her become a scribe and she’d spend the rest of her days repairing junk and keeping records. She loved technology, but the Bunker had the same old crap in it. Out here was where all the really cool things were. Anything worth exploring anyway.

The elder would most likely make the search party wait like, a week before going out anyway, making them go through some rediculous procedure and preparations. She looked up at him and shook her head. “No. Nobody should be looking for me…” she lied. It was a horrible lie. she had just said she was looking for two people. But she hoped he’d drop it. Seeing him walk off, she figured he had. she didn’t take into account that that lie might have been dangerous for both her and his group. She was naive, and didn’t think that saying that would inform them that they could do whatever they wanted to her with no concern of someone worrying. And on the flip side, that same lie meant that this group had no idea that trained, armored suits of high tech death might be headed their way any second.

If they hadn’t heard of the Brotherhood of Steel, they would truly have no idea. Though the emblem was plain to see on Persephone’s suit, it would mean nothing to them.

As the woman walked in, she looked at her. By now, she had just about enough of the pain. She didn’t care what they had to do to get to her shoulder. Even if they couldn’t figure the suit off and ended up cutting it, she just wanted the pain to subside.

My shoulder. It’s dislocated.” she said, her voice just as hoarse as it had been from all the screaming.

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scrapweaponwarrior asked:

(Younger Persephone)

"U… uh… Ahhhh!" she stuttered before letting out a muffled scream as she clamped her hands over her mouth. Then, she quickly tried to cover up her bare chest and crossed her legs. Not like she had much to show off anyway. she was as flat as he was. "D… don’t you think… you’re getting a bit t-to close?!" she siad, her face beat red. She may have been flirting with him earlier that day, but she had never done anything like this with a boy before. Her heart was pounding. She only hoped all those stories she read back in the bunker would help her in this situation.

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