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Raiders and Recruits [Closed rp with Steelandpoison]


Mentally, Livius felt like he couldn’t last much longer.  However, whether it was some sort of warrior’s instinct or whatnot, his body went into autopilot.  Leaping over the counter, he managed to surprise the other soldier, who certainly didn’t expect to see a legionary there as well.

"We’ve got legion too!"  The soldier’s voice broke through the sound of combat before Livius got the sense to silence him with his machete.  Normally he would have ended his life before he got the chance to make a noise, but he still felt out of it.  Careless behavior like this back home would have resulted in a flogging or even a crucifixion.  Hopefully his new captor would be more charitable, but somehow he doubted it.

Livius knew that the soldier’s outburst was heard by the rest of his squad so he did his best to be as alert as he possibly could and he began making his way towards Persephone.  There’s a good chance that the fight now would be longer and much more intense and he doubted he could make it through on his own.  He pushed out all thoughts about how humiliating depending on a woman was and he set out to focus on the task at hand.

What was careless to stiffs and legion brutes was smart thinking to a raider. At least one like Persephone. Her mind raced as she already saw many advantages to the situation. The last three would know there was legion, but not how many or where. The odds only grew in their favor. Scare tactics and routing/kiting plans were forming in her head with each passing second. Thinking up a strategy and acting on the spot was something that came naturally to her and before he knew it, she was pushing him the other direction.

"Good job, but don’t stand near me! Get over there! Quick!" she said, pointing to a cash register. The registers were more in the open, being on the other side of the office counter. But the troops would find their friends and be facing the complete wrong direction. They’d have time to attack one before the rest were aware of their location. Persephone stayed at the counter, waiting till she saw all three. From his new position at the register, He wouldn’t be able to see them untill they were lead out by Persephone. but if he had listened to her, he’d soon understand what she was doing.

He had little ammo, so he’d be better off on the other side, taking shots if they got too close to the raider, keeping their attention split. Surrounded, the NCR had only their numbers now, and with only one more member on their team than Persephone’s, the odds weren’t that good for them.

With that done, Persephone watched as the other three stepped out of the isle, turning and searching for the enemy, however many there may be. She took a pot shot at one, missing on purpose just to drag them out for Livius to get a good view on them. A clean shot anywhere would be good, but Persephone secretly hoped he’d cripple one. The woman of the group seemed to be a medic. Watching her move to his or the troop she had wounded a few moments ago would make her reaction to killing them right before her eyes all the more satisfying to her.

New Beginnings [Scraps/Persephone] [flashback]


Scrap grew a little blush in the face from the sight of the almost naked woman and the embarrassment that she called him out, a wave of relief came over him as she quickly changed the subject. “Don’t worry about it.” He said as he scratched the back of his neck, “It was probably going to be turned into firewood by who ever crashes here after we leave.” Scrap shrugged nonchalantly, “Besides you said yourself: it’s shitty.”

Scrap had no clue what to do. His mind was stuck on what his brother said about the brotherhood, about how they were pre-war tech fanatics and how dangerous they were. He thought it’d be best to keep Percy entertained and stay on her good side, despite the intrusion. He didn’t know how though till it hit him like a ton of bricks. He moved behind the counter. “Hey Percy, check this out.” he said picking up the toaster, tools, and various disassembled parts and put them on the counter. “It’s a toaster. I used to take these apart all the time as a kid, you can actually sell the various part for more than the whole thing.”

Persephone chuckled as he simply shrugged off the apology. Seemed it wasn’t their shelf after all. That’s good. she had no idea what the people up here were like, and she didn’t want to get on their bad sides so soon by breaking their things. These weren’t his things, so relief washed over her.

As he moved away and asked her to follow, she did just that, curiosity peaking as she saw him pull out something she hadn’t seen before. In truth, just about any other Bos member would have been uninterested. The toaster wasn’t a weapon, and any who found it up here would either be a scout looking for tech they would consider valuable or worth keeping out of the hands of others. And if not them, Paladins out in the wastes on missions. Neither would find a toaster particularly interesting. But Persephone wasn’t really all that much of a war monger like a Paladin. Like her parents, she was more like a scribe. Interested in the development and design of technology in general. And heck, even like a knight, she knew how to build and tinker just as well.

She took a look at the toaster and picked up a few tools, her interest showing through her actions rather than her words, considering she didn’t so much as say a word to him upon pulling it out. It skipped her mind to even ask if it was okay to touch it. Before long, she had it open and had already deciphered how the device worked and everything.

"Wow… this thing’s pretty sweet… You find these all over the place? You’re kidding. Heck, you could make this thing a pretty potent death ray with a more powerful power supply and maybe better heat conducting coils…" She began as she set the pieces down and moved over to her laser rifle. Bringing it back, she took one of the toasters metal plates. They could obviously resist heat. Taking a coil and it’s conductor, as well as a spare energy sell, some screws, and the sheet of metal, she got to work connecting it to the bottom of the barrel of her gun. Before long, she had gotten the thing to turn into a sort of super heated mele attachment for the weapon with an easy to use switch for turning it on and off. The metal sheet acting as a safe guard for her hand and preventing the weapon from getting ruined as well. And all in under ten minutes.

"Why on earth would you sell these? You can do so much more with them if you just keep’em for yourself."

If it wasn’t clear by now that she wasn’t interested in giving tech like this away, or just how smart even BoS 14 year olds were, than Scraps must have been pretty dense.

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Filter Feeding (Kirill/Keith)


In one swift motion kirill dropped to his knees reaching for Toast to come near him and pull her up onto the platform—fear of being bitten had vanished as he roughly yanked her up by the front leg and the scuff of skin on the back of her neck. He pulled it up and back beside Keith and him on the platform. his hand took to the slack rope and he gave it a tug. It tightened and didn’t budge. His heart sank.

He tugged again, the mutant began to swim near them blood had already mixed into the water. He was uncertain if it was toasts, Kreig’s or their adversary. He gave the rope another tug and the lever moved slowly down, and the coils began to power up. he dropped the rope and stepped back, firing a few shots at the mutant to slow his progress.

Keith could only watch now. She was glad to have gotten her mind off Toast for a bit, but Krieg was still in there with the mutant. She tensed up seeing Kirill pull the lever the first time. But nothing happened. The mutant seemed to get ahold of Krieg and before long, the amount of blood in the water thickened. Keith screamed at the sight, only to see the coils slowly begin to glow, small bolts shooting out from one to the next from time to time with at an increased rate.

"Oh gods, oh gods…"

She became frantic. The two seemed too deep to see, and she had no idea what was going on. As the bolts finally shot forth, loud cracks were heard and the water light up in a blinding flash of electricity. His shots did the trick, but Krieg was nowhere to be seen, and as soon as the coils were jolted, she had lost track of her mental link with him. Many reasons could factor into it, one being the strain was finally too much, or she lost concentration due to fear, or… her companions sudden lack of brain functionality, or… much else for that matter.

Her screams of fear quickly became that of sadness as she thought the worst. she stood, despite her tired state to attempt to jump in after him. she’d have done the same for Toast or Kirill had it been them, even though she clearly wasn’t thinking. she couldn’t swim, and could she, she’d only get so far before meeting her doom to the coils. But what else could she do other than try?

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Send one or more of the following for my muses reaction! (Smutty)


"You’re so cute when your all tied up and needy….."

“I really wanna fuck that cute little ass of yours right now~…”

“I really wanna fuck that cute little pussy of yours right now~…”

“Open your mouth and get ready to swallow.”

“That was such a cute gasp~”

“Come on now, be a good little slut and suck/ride masters cock.”

“Now, now, i don’t remember giving you permission to cum….”

"As punishment, when we go run errands today, you have to wear a vibrating bullet on low and you better not cum without permission."

“As punishment, after I fill you up, you’ll wear a butterfly plug to keep it all inside while we run errands.”

“I wanna fuck you hard, right up against the window.”

“Damn, if I’d known how much you liked to be watched I would’ve invited them sooner.”

“That’s right, put your chest against the window and spread your legs, arch your back, and beg me to fuck you.”

“Aw, your legs are trembling~ does it feel that good?”

“Mm~ your so tight~”

“Just beg (Name), just beg.”

“Y’know I always thought they called you ‘tight ass’ ‘cause you were strict or something, but this is so much better~….”

“Damn, your dripping and I’ve barely even touched you. Do I get you that excited?”

“I know, but fuck it feels so good, just bare with it a little longer and then there’ll be plenty of cum to lube up this little fuckhole of yours….~”

“Ah, ah, bad boy/girl. You came without masters permission! How should I punish you for this, pet?”

“See? I told you you’d love my cock~”

“See? I told you you’d like my pussy~”

“I’ve got you all tied up and blindfolded….what should I do with you? ‘Cause I can think of a lot’ve fun things, mostly fucking you raw, but maybe I should let my friend try you out first?”

“You’re so cute with that tiny dick of yours~ it’s much smaller than mine, does that embarrass you?~”

“Ive been bragging about you to my friends, so get on your knees and open your mouth so they can try it out for themselves- not all at once, of course.”

“Heh. You really do love drinking cum, don’t you?”

“I won’t let you up till you lick it all up, pet. The sooner you do as told the sooner you get your reward.”

“I think my friend oughtta fuck that cute mouth of yours while I fuck your ass, yeah?”

“How about he take your pussy and I take your ass? He can hold you up, it’ll be a grate new experience. What do you say, pet?”

“I really wanna watch my friends fuck your holes raw while I fuck your throat until you lose your voice…..”

Filter Feeding (Kirill/Keith)


Kirill’s heart was pounding in his ears, adrenaline was the one thing that drove him on swimming as fast as he could to the lever on the other side. His hands were steady—to steady for a man under his much pressure  fascinated the rope around the lever as fast as he could. His mask was slipping a bit and water was getting caught up inside, sloshing around against his chin, but he couldn’t stop to adjust it. he raised his head back to move the water to the sides to breath through the filters and took the deepest breathe that he could and pushed himself trying to swim back to Kieth on the platform. He was beginning to feel dizzy and his lungs were straining beginning to feel on fire.

He swam past kreig and toast, knowing what they were doing for him and he feared for their lives. Get to the platform, get to the platform and shoot the mutant—you can’t turn on the machine with them in the water. You won’t He told himself.

Keith watched as he tied a rop around the lever, finally understanding his plan. Seeing him swim back, she waited for him to get past the mutant and get close to the platform she was on. Her concentration tightened, forming her own plan now. The beast was close to the tesla coils. So were her dogs. But the platform was out of reach. The electricity would disperse at the distance they were at.

Once Kirill was close enough and he lifted his gun, she lowered his weapon with her closest arm. She knew he only meant to attack the beast, but there was too much movement, and he may hit her coyotes. But even more than that, she had a plan. Her bleeding nose didn’t stop as she tried to talk to him and command her dogs at once, all the while, fearing for their lives. Her heart rate was through the roof.

"J-just… get d-da rope ready." She sputtered, giving her pups a silent mental command to split from the mutant. He took a while to realize they were headed opposite directions. It took him even longer to choose which to follow, but they were swimming faster than he could walk. They’d make it to the platform before he could reach a safe distance if they swam fast enough. In the heat of the situation, she willed them to give it all they had as they paddled to their master, now taking a knee as she was worried sick, literally.

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phoibe-tides asked:

₩ (from all or whoever you wish )

Persephone: “You may just be the hottest thing I’ve seen in the waistland. I’m going to ruin that one day. I hope you know.”

Charlette: “My mommy is the best mommy! Nobody can make her a less good mommy! So don’t try it.”

Keith: “Anottah tribal huh. You also seem like da peaceful sort. I like dat. Perhaps we’d make good friends.”

The Metal Man’s Bane (Adam/Keith)


Adams scan was already complete as she explained his offer to accompany her. It seemed that she was normal besides her arms being missing. But there was one odd data collated in the scan. Her body seemed to be emitting some kind of electrical signal that was very faint. The signal was like a brain signal, odd sine it should be next to impossible to pick up brain ways without the proper equipment. Adam simply considered it a scanning error and ignored it.

Adam then started to lead the way towards the inn. It did not take him that much to start asking more questions, he was extremely curious about this woman and her coyotes.
"Have you ever considered training animals for others? It is difficult to come across a dog that is tame and even more difficult to find one that is also well trained. It could be a good occupation for you."     

As they walked, Keith kicked up sand, keeping her eyes low. what was she going to do? How was she supposed to avoid this situation? Maybe she could get a different room? Yeah. That would work. His invasive questions were getting close to getting her found out. She didn’t know what might happen if she was caught, but she was sure it wouldn’t be pretty. she had seen how humans treated mutants of any varying kind. she didn’t want to join the ranks.

She tuned in just as he asked her about training. “Oh, uh. I can’t honestly say I have. I only evah really taught about training my own animals. Dough, I guess it could pay well. and I have been low on cash as of late.”

She only really had enough for one night and some food, so she’d have to find a way to get some more caps soon. But she figured the bed would be worth it, and she never minded living on uncertainy before. She could always hunt for what she needed, and her Pups would help her set up camps for nights in the desert. “Your idea is a good one dough. I admit. Why, you have an animal you need tamed?” She asked, curious. Wouldn’t be a hard taks anyhow. Not for her.

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